Marco Ambrosini, founder of Ambrodesign, is the inventor of the Pro-Fondi EVO electric device for cleaning the filter holder of professional coffee machines, which was created as a solution to certain problems encountered in public establishments. The disposer was patented in 2008 and in 2013 it received the Horeca 24 Innovation Award, taking second place as 'Best First Idea', promoted by the Ho.Re.Ca. sector magazines of the 24 Ore Group. It is known and exported internationally.
Sustainability at all stages
Ambrodesign is committed day after day to improving and making Pro-Fondi EVO sustainable. The quest for sustainability concerns the entire production process and starts with the choice of suppliers.
The presses used to mould the components have a certified energy class that respects the environment, and the packaging of the goods is recycled in order to reduce waste.
An environmentally friendly product

The Pro-Fondi EVO electrical device has a 100% regenerated plastic frame. It is therefore manufactured from 'second life' materials with a high percentage of recycled material while maintaining the aesthetic and mechanical characteristics of the materials used to date.

Quality Control

The assembly of Pro-Fondi EVO takes place in an artisanal manner at Ambrodesign's headquarter. This makes it possible to control the final quality of the heatsink, to avoid transporting the components to an assembly company and to transport the finished product to the factory.

The Green choices

The packaging used to pack Pro-Fondi EVO is made of recycled paper and varnished with environmentally friendly water-based paints: in this way we avoid the use of disposable plastic materials as much as possible.
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Pro-Fondi® Evo

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