Pro-Fondi®: The innovative system for the instant cleaning of the coffee filter

Pro-Fondi®: the innovative system for instant cleaning of the coffee filter
Why buy Pro-Fondi EVO?
Discover all the benefits

Simple, silent and functional, the Pro-Fondi EVO electrical device quickly extracts coffee grounds and makes cleaning professional espresso machine filters a breeze. With thousands of devices sold in Italy and abroad, its effectiveness speaks for itself.

Eliminate the noise of the filter beat
Speed up and improve filter cleaning
Avoid joint traumas due to the filter beat
The waste coffee fall into a bag without dispersion
Pro-Fondi® EVO
The new electric knockout box that:

  • activates automatically when you move the filter holder towards it
  • features an on/off touch button with digital function control
  • stops automatically in less than two seconds
  • features a soft springless impeller that thoroughly cleans the filters and has a long service life
  • prevents coffee splash by keeping the area clean and clear

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People who have tried it say...

Excellent tool that allows the filter to be thoroughly cleaned without noise and without damaging the edge of the filter. I recommend it. Above all it improves a bartender\s workplace ergonomics.

A coffee shop tool that continues to be extremely useful on account of its simplicity. Cleaning the filter-holder before adding a new dose of ground coffee is still one of the biggest problems faced by coffee shops today. Having a Pro-Fondi to hand makes life easier, at least for non-professionals, as it puts them on-track for successful spent coffee ground disposal.

I used Pro-Fondi for a few days at an exhibition and I was impressed with the cleaning speed and silent operation. I would like to point out that the filter needs to be dried before grinding the next dose.

I have been using it for 9 years, never a problem and with the new impeller I have solved all the small defects related to the old model which on one arm had difficulty cleaning perfectly. I recommend it to everyone!

Great product. it does not ruin filters, not even filter holders, moreover it cleans thoroughly and leaves no traces of coffee already worked

We have been using the old model for at least 2 years ... I must say that this has improved a lot aesthetically. Anyway highly recommended product
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