05 Apr 22
Pro-Fondi EVO: coffee machine cleaning in coffee shops

Pro-Fondi EVO. Interview with the bar manager

The exclusive and patented electric device by Ambrodesign is called Pro-Fondi EVO and was born in Verona just over fifteen years ago.

Today, Pro fondi team between one delivery and the others, had a coffee break in the industrial zone of Verona, in a bar that from the morning till the night is the right place to take a break from the business day: breakfast, quality lunch breaks and aperitifs to gratify yourself at the end of the day. Here we were greeted by Mirko, the bar manager, who is in charge of orders and mediation between the customer and the manager, who from the first use of the countertop beater can no longer do without it.

"The bar is located in a strategic position in Verona: from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., young people of all ages come in, but also businessmen of a certain importance, as well as businesspeople heading for the Fair or tourists coming off the freeway. Just think of the amount of coffee we prepare for our customers every day," says Mirko. "Pro-Fondi Evo is the perfect ally for me and all my colleagues. We have chosen to introduce it into our daily routine since it was patented by Ambrodesign and we couldn't have made a better choice!"

What are the benefits you see every day in using the electric knockbox?

Pro-Fondi has added quality to a service that was already great. It operates automatically and in less than two seconds it silently cleans the coffee grounds, preventing us baristas from joint trauma due to the beating and eliminating the noise of this gesture, which can be annoying to customers' ears. The number of coffees per day that we prepare would mean more than 1500 strokes at the counter to remove, and not very well, the coffee grounds. With a single gesture, however, we can have a clean filter holder and a comfortable room, even in terms of sound!

Are you therefore satisfied with the electric disposer?

Absolutely, yes! Pro-Fondi is not only efficient but also guarantees deep cleaning. After the springless impeller is actuated, the coffee grounds fall directly into the bag underneath, preventing spillage of ground coffee onto the counter. 
In all these years, the Pro-Fondi EVO electric knockbox has never given us any problems, but we know that colleagues from other companies have been able to rely on a formidable after-sales service.
What can we say, Pro-Fondi EVO once again proved to be an excellent tool that improves the work of bartenders around the world every day!

Pro-Fondi EVO: the electric beater loved even by designers
DVG De Vecchi srl supplied Pro-Fondi

Pro-Fondi® Evo

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