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Pro-Fondi Caffè, an innovation to be grasped

electric coffee knockbox

Pro-Fondi is the electric coffee grounds disposal technology patented by Ambrodesign: an innovative system for instant and automatic cleaning of the filter holder. Its effectiveness is testified to by the thousands of sales in Italy and abroad and Mr. Fabio Recchia, one of the first users of Pro-Fondi bar equipment, came to tell us about his experience as owner of Caffè Cavour in Buttapietra, in the province of Verona.

Mr. Fabio how are you finding this situation of health uncertainty and what are the expectations for the future? Unfortunately like everyone we are waiting in the hope of reopening soon. The bar is a place to talk and socialize and for almost a year we have been closed with a 70% loss in turnover and staff still on layoffs. We have decided to keep only the newsstand open and we have chosen not to carry out a take-away service.

As for future expectations, we are ready to reopen as soon as the government gives us the green light. I think it is important to all go in the same direction for the good of the community.

How has Pro-Fondi improved the quality of your work? The Pro-Fondi system is functional, silent and does not take up space. The cleaning of the coffee machine in the Bar is fundamental and Pro-Fondi is an easy to use electric knockbox that deep cleans the coffee residues. In this way the filter is not damaged, the residues of the previous coffee are not left before being used again and the bad smells typical of the manual knockbox are not created. The Pro-Fondi electric disposal unit also has the advantage of eliminating the bitter and burnt taste that is created if the bottom is not cleaned well. In this way the coffee is tastier and not only that, it also saves a lot of effort and avoids the joint trauma that the classic countertop knockbox leaves.

Who are your typical clientele? And what advice do you feel you can give to your colleagues?

Ours is mainly a low-middle-aged clientele, so young people and families with children… we do a bit of everything.

I would like to recommend the Pro-Fondi system to all my colleagues because it can be a valid investment in the face of a short-term reopening. It is very practical and cleans the coffee grounds so easily ... you just place the cup on the electrical device.

Some friends ask me about it, fascinated by how it works and would like to implement it in their structures as well. Now I see more and more that many Bars and Autogrills are adopting the Pro-Fondi knockbox as a cleaning system and not only here in Italy.

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