How to install the new Pro-Fondi® Evo?
Follow the video demonstration of the installation and operation of the automatic Pro-Fondi® EVO device. It's very quick and easy, within everyone's reach!
Replacing the drive unit
Here's how to replace the drive unit in just a few steps. The assistance of an operator is not necessary: thanks to this tutorial you can handle everything yourself.
Replacing electronic board
In this video we provide you with instructions on how to replace the electronic board in complete autonomy.
In a few simple steps your Pro-Fondi EVO will be as good as new!
Useful documents
The technical details of our Pro-Fondi® EVO electric floor beater meet the requirements of the EU Directives:
Do you have the previous version of Pro-Fondi®?
Find out how to replace all spare parts
Now you can replace the old impeller with the new one without springs, which does not require periodic replacement.

Pro-Fondi® Evo

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