Pro-Fondi EVO: The new impeller cleans the filters in one second


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Pro-Fondi EVO: The new impeller cleans the filters in one second

An excerpt from the article from the trade magazine Mixer:

Il nuovo Pro-Fondi EVO

Forget the sound of banging, the used coffee powder on the countertop, the need to thoroughly clean the filter with brushes and rags, the need to empty the knockbox at the end of the day, as well as tired or sore wrists, elbows and shoulders, it's easy with the new Pro-Fondi EVO.

The electronic device patented by Ambrodesign that makes the extraction of coffee grounds quick and optimizes the cleaning of the filters of professional espresso machines, comes with a refined and essential design, easy to clean. On the front there are a touch button with on / off function and two photocells that automatically activate the motor when they register the approach of the hand with the filter holder: thanks to this the contact springs have been removed.

Another important innovation is the timing of the cleaning cycle: it does not go beyond 2 seconds, after which the circuit stops, avoiding waste and overwork related to inattention. Cleaning is entrusted to a new long-lasting polyurethane springless impeller, which thoroughly cleans the filters. Like the first version, Pro-Fondi EVO easily supports the workload of high-selling businesses and is very easy to install: just drill a 12 cm diameter hole in the countertop, insert the device and apply a bag in the part below, where the coffee grounds fall. The removal of the bag is simple and does not require daily interventions: there is no dispersion of odours.

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